Website Making Tips, Tools and Hacks for Small Business

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or offer a professional service, your small business needs a presence on the web. Even if you have no plans to consider e-commerce, there are still plenty of other reasons to build a website.

Last year, a PEW Internet Study reported that 59% of all adults on the web use search engines in a typical day to find what they’re looking for. Word of mouth and printed marketing materials are great, but the chances of your customers asking a friend or looking in business directories to find your company are increasingly remote.

Another important reason to have a website? In our increasingly digital world, it’s hard for a small business to be taken seriously without a website. First of all, a polished small business website makes it look like you take your business seriously. But if you have a great, informative website with a custom domain name and an email address that matches, it’s going to appear that you are in it for the long haul and have much more credibility.

The good news is, as the demand for websites has increased over the years, their cost and complexity has gone down dramatically. You no longer have to be a technological wizard and design guru in order to get a fantastic looking website.

Ready to start building your small business website?