Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social media is not a trend. As a small business, it’s time to take hard look at how social media will play a role in the future of your business.  It’s a great – and often free – way for small business to increase their brand visibility and stay top of mind with their customers. But with so many options out there it can be overwhelming for small businesses to get started with social media. A Website, a Facebook page and a blog can be great places to start dipping your toes in the water.

So what makes a good social media strategy? Social media is not just about sharing information. It’s about creating conversations and engaging with your customers. This type of personal connection can enhance the customer experience which can in turn enhance your bottom line.

Want to learn more about social media marketing for a small business?

With so many options out there – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and more – it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts. One easy way to find out? Ask you customers! Don’t be afraid to ask your customers how they want to communicate with you.